The world changes very fast, the future is not just a time in the verb. Changes, future, innovations, improvement solutions are part of the history of INNOVA SURGICAL, a genuinely Goian company that crossed borders and sought new opportunities and technologies for continuous improvement of services already offered.


We work in the import and distribution of hospital medical articles and equipment for all Brazil, especially in the areas of Otorhinolaryngology, Orthopedics and Column.   Strategically located in the heart of Brazil, INNOVA SURGICAL has the capacity to service and distribute its products throughout the country, through a logistics system and partnerships with regional distributors.  


A careful look at market trends, innovation and technology, INNOVA SURGICAL continuously seeks to keep up with what is most modern to provide its clients and partners with the best treatments and supports for the surgical act, always bringing the greatest benefit to patients.

AFE Autoriz/MS: 6X3139383MWL (8.13.055-3)


Provide products with quality and cutting-edge technology, aiming at the best performance in the surgical and postoperative period of the patient.


To be a national reference in the import and distribution of OPME within its area of ​​operation.


These are the principles that guide all our actions: Quality, Responsibility and Integrity.

Distributors all over Brazil, Hospitals and Clinics, Government (sale through bids), Plans and health insurers.



Innova Surgical has a trained and trained team to advise the health professionals involved in the surgery. Its partners have extensive experience in the health segment with more than 15 years of experience in the sector.


Innova Surgical has a great concern with the quality system, so all its processes are documented according to the current legislation, observing standards, routines, protocols and also continuing education in the qualification of its personnel.


Innova Surgical has a system for registering and updating certificates, permits, licenses and other documents, always keeping them within the requirements and regulatory standards.


Innova is in the process of expanding its horizons, seeking new business opportunities and introducing new products / technologies in the domestic market that can add value to surgical procedures and hospital systems.


Head and Neck surgeries, Column, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology, and Urology.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery

Through the technique of Plasma Radiofrequency, we work in the specialties of: Head and Neck, Otorhinolaryngology, Bucomaxillofacial, Column, Orthopedics and Urology. Plasma radiofrequency consists of tissue ablation through a plasma produced by a thin ionized salt layer that breaks the molecular bonds without producing heat, which limits thermal penetration with minimal damage to adjacent tissues. In addition, with this technology there is less lesion to the structures and less bleeding, which reduces the length of hospitalization, making the recovery quicker and less painful to the patient.


The plasma surgery system is proven to be safe, effective, and widespread in major medical centers worldwide. This procedure is modern and non-invasive, has a lower risk of complications since the temperature produced is between 40ºC and 70ºC, promoting molecular dissociation. In other techniques, this temperature can reach 500 ° C. Another benefit of this technique is that, because it does not require incisions or sutures, the patient has little chance of having intra- and postoperative bleeding, consequently their hospitalization time will be lower, as well as a better recovery and return to their activities well faster.   The surgical process by plasma technology is performed at 40-70 ° C controlled. It uses a controlled, non-heat process in which bipolar (RF) energy excites the electrolytes in a conducting medium, usually saline, to create a precisely focused and charged plasma. Plasma-energized particles have enough energy to break the organic bonds inside the tissue, causing the tissue to dissolve at relatively low temperatures of 40-70 ° C.  


The radiofrequency current does not pass directly through the tissues, causing minimal thermal effect on the tissue. Through temperature control technology, it automatically optimizes the output value according to the status of the plasma layer around the tip of the electrode and the target tissue characteristic, whereby the electrode can provide a stable and efficient capacity, while maintaining the lowest working temperature.

  • Wound Care 

In our portifolio there is a product for the treatment of biocellulose wounds. This biocellulose is obtained through the biosynthesis of the bacterium Gluconacetobacter xylinum, found in nature; is a non-toxic and hypoallergenic dressing. NEXFILL acts as a temporary substitute for skin, providing ideal and necessary conditions for a healing process with high quality and faster. NEXFILL works as a protective barrier against microorganisms, since NEXFILL POROSO does not have this functionality, but allows the drainage of exudate and bleeding.


The perfect adhesion of the film to the injured area isolates the nerve endings, inhibiting the painful stimulus. NEXFILL maintains the normal conditions of temperature, humidity and oxygenation, conserving the natural micro environment of the skin. This facilitates the formation of the granulation tissue, ensuring a reepithelialization of excellent quality. Substantial reduction in the number of dressings accelerates the healing process by reducing painful traumas and risks of infection.   NEXFILL does not require the use of adhesives because the film's interfiber spaces provide anchor points for fibrin structures and other blood elements. This makes the film have perfect adhesion, but only on the bloody part. Thus, NEXFILL naturally integrates with the organism as a temporary component, which will come off with the evolution of re-epithelialization. Unlike synthetic dressings, NEXFILL has no adhesives that can provoke allergic reactions.


NEXFILL is indicated for:   - Injuries with ruptured skin - Second degree burns (third degree under medical supervision) - Skin graft donor sites - Dermabrasion - Pressure ulcers - Vascular (arterial, venous and mixed ulcers) - Conscious ulcers of diabetes - Chronic ulcers - Excoriations - Treatment of dermal lesions in general, with or without bleeding

  • Hospital Supplies

We operate with the importation and distribution of hospital supplies, such as: scalps, equipment, special equipment, splint and nasal splint, haemostatics, colostomy and ostomy bag, urine collector, probes, cannulae, among others for the day-to-day hospital.


  • Hospital Equipments

Imaging diagnostic equipment, such as: resonance, hemodynamics, ultrasonography, x-ray, mammography.